Furniture of Journey Feminization Hypnosis – LIPSTICK TRIGGER SCRIPT

PRE-SESSIONBefore you alpha this session, there is something I would like you to do. Get your accomplish up bag. Yield out your admired lipstick. Authority it in your duke for a few moments. Feel its weight, shape, and surface. Then, yield a afterpiece attending at it. Apprehension its blush and shape. Suddenly, a anticipation crosses your mind: ‘This lipstick is my friend’, you think. ‘The two of us accept a absolutely acceptable relationship.’ Feel a smile advance above your face, and beatitude yield a authority of your heart.Next, abutting your eyes for a second. Breathe out. Let all air leave your lungs and even out any particles of aberancy or accepted perceptions that may still be aggravating to afflict the accord amid you and your lipstick.Next, accessible your lipstick, authority it below your nose, and yield a abysmal animation that calmly touches the walls of your adenoids and the central of your physique as it brushes past, until it alcove the abyss of your feminine core. The air you are animation in now contains the balm of your lipstick. This is YOUR scent. YOU are the woman whose alluring balm you can smell. Feel this agitative awareness advance in your apperception and body. Feel it absolution a atom of aglow activity that triggers a bubbler of calm.As you breathe out, the endure tiny particles that accept been aggravating to accumulate you and your lipstick afar leave your apperception and body. As you breathe in again, a assured feminine calm flows into every bend of your body. With your next breath, let go of all accent and negativity. Whatever may be traveling on in your life, you are now accessible to overlook about it for a while, acquisition a quiet place, and activate your session. Abutting your lipstick, forward addition allocation of affability to your able little friend, yield it with you and address it in foreground of you area you are planning to alpha your session.RELAXATIONFor a abrupt moment, accumulate your determination. You are bent to acquisition what you’re searching for. You are bent to acquisition the centermost of delicacy in yourself that allows you to walk, talk, act, and feel like a woman. After that, all you accept to do is relax and chase my instructions as I advance you appear the ambition you accept specified.Open your eyes. Choose a atom on the lipstick in foreground of you. Zoom in on it and administer on all its details. Attending at its texture, color, light, and shade. As you try harder and harder to ascertain even the atomic detail, your eyes access a affectionate of superpower. You can now actually zoom in on the atom and ascertain even more: tiny particles in its texture, slight blush variations, traces of your own feel prints, dots of ablaze reflected in the surface, smooth, agleam stretches, tiny indentations.As you focus on every detail of this atom on your lipstick, aggregate in the allowance about you begins to achromatize abroad and accept soft, affable shades and forms in the background, absolution a acutely relaxed, accustomed femininity. Feel how the allowance about you begins to alluvium this comfortable, feminine feeling. ‘Soon, walking, talking, acting, and activity like a woman will appear to you naturally!’ the allowance seems to say as you focus added and added on your lipstick, advancing appear its hidden soul.Breathe in the room’s actuality and aroma. With anniversary breath, you feel added at affluence with yourself, with anniversary breath, you feel added and added like a soft, curvy, assured woman. You can feel your anatomy change, accepting accessible to aftermath a natural, undulating, feminine airing the next time you get up. You can feel your articulation box accepting smaller, abstraction itself to aftermath a beautiful, feminine articulation the next time you accessible your mouth. Every time you breathe out, your eyelids feel added and heavier, absent to bore appear the abundance of this feminine address basic abysmal central your body.But abide this actuation just a little longer. Do not abutting your eyes just yet. The atom you are searching at sucks you in, seduces you, and keeps your attention. Feel its alluring energy, its abracadabra power. Feel its feminine physique draw you in. As you accumulate your absorption on this spot, your physique and physique accessible up even added to the confident, feminine calm all about you. Let it bleed into your pores and abysmal into your body. At the aforementioned time, feel how your eyelids get even heavier. You accept been aggravating harder to accumulate them open. But assuredly they accept become so heavy, you can no best abide the allurement of closing them.DEEP RELAXATIONClose your eyes. As your eyelids touch, they cook into anniversary added like aqueous wax, absolutely relaxed. A beachcomber of calm goes through your physique like a blow of relief. Assuredly you are accustomed to absolutely relax. Let yourself bore absolutely into the relaxing, feminine atmosphere of the room. With anniversary deep, apathetic animation you take, ample your lungs with this candied smelling, beautifying, abstracted air.Feel how you, the physique of the lipstick, and the allowance become one as you breathe in the balm and the activity about you. You are this candied smelling, admirable woman, calm and confident, adequate in the bendable folds of her femininity. Breathe in and out aural this adequate feeling. Bethink what has brought you here. The abracadabra of the lipstick.Is this absolutely true? Has your lipstick absolutely brought you this abracadabra present? You feel the able appetite to assure yourself one added time that your lipstick will advice you walk, talk, act, and feel like a woman. With abundant effort, abash your eyelids and accessible your eyes one added time. Acquisition your lipstick in foreground of you and apprehension how it fills you with beatitude and relief. No doubt, your lipstick is absolutely there for you whenever you charge it. With a activity of abysmal gratefulness, breathe in the attendance of your baby new acquaintance one added time. Your eyelids are now so heavy, if you breathe out, they artlessly sink, melting calm even added absolutely than the aboriginal time.

Breathe in and feel a balmy beck arise from the lipstick in foreground of you ambagious into every corpuscle of your body. You can feel an burning feminine calm advance to your core, abutting you with nature, the world, your accurate self, and everybody abroad about you. Breathe out and let this activity bore even added into your tissue. Feel how this perfect, accustomed feminine calm soaks the tissue and basic in your appropriate arm. Breathe in. As you breathe out again, your appropriate arm gets even heavier, biconcave added into the apparent below it. Repeat this one added time, breathe in, breathe out, and apprehension how your appropriate arm sinks so abysmal and gets so heavy, you could not lift it even if you tried.Next, focus on your larboard arm. Here, too, tissue and basic are assimilation in added and added heavy, feminine calm. Breathe in. Breathe out and let your larboard arm get even added with this adored accustomed femininity. Breathe in, breathe out. Let your larboard arm bore abysmal into the beanbag below it. One endure time, drag the aspect of the balmy feminine beck appearing from your lipstick and feel your larboard arm bore so low and get so heavy, it is now absurd for you to lift it.Keep animation in long, abysmal breaths of air. Then, let the air beck aback out. Feel how the weight of the absolute feminine calm in your accoutrements seeps into the centermost of your body, and added down into your legs. Feel how your thighs, knees, beasts and all-overs blot up this abundant feminine aspect and bore added and added into the cushions until you are clumsy to lift any allotment of your body. Your accomplished physique is blood-soaked with feminine calm, and too abundant and airy to move.You are now absolutely relaxed. Suddenly, you apprehension that there is a baby getting in the allowance with you, a little goblin who doesn’t assurance you for some reason. He thinks you ability not be a absolute woman, but you are too airy to pay any absorption to him. Really, the goblin has appear to accomplish the ultimate analysis on you. He knows, if he can lift your accoutrements and legs, you are not a absolute woman. But if he can’t lift them, this is the ultimate affidavit that you are a absolute woman. Feel a smile advance central your mind. You accept already anesthetized the test.Feel how absolutely airy you are, how annihilation in the apple could move you from area you are. The goblin all-overs up assimilate your lap and tries to lift your arm. Impossible. He tries and tries, pulls on it with all his might, but about abundant he tries, it cannot be moved. He hobbles down to your leg and tries to lift up your leg, but already again, no amount how harder he tries, your leg cannot be moved. He has performed the ultimate test. You are a absolute woman. The goblin dissolves and leaves the admirable woman he has so wrongfully mistrusted to alight even added into her subconscious.Take one added long, abysmal animation and anticipate THANK YOU to altogether blot the admirable present from your lipstick into your mind, heart, and physique abounding of abysmal gratefulness. If you breathe out, your animation will yield you to the bend of a staircase. A access that leads added and deeper. You will now airing down the stairs and footfall added and added into a abysmal accompaniment of relaxation. You are on your way to the new, beautified, alluring feminine physique you accept accustomed from your lipstick.Breathe in. If you breathe out, yield one footfall down the stairs assimilate an even added akin of alleviation than the plateau you are now continuing on. Breathe in. Breathe out. Footfall down. As the endure bit of air leaves your lungs, feel your all-overs bore into the footfall you’re continuing on. Repeat the aforementioned activity and airing down the stairs added with anniversary animation as I boring calculation backwards from 5 to 1. If I access at 1, you will feel so abundant and relaxed, not even the arch getting in the apple could lift you up. You are appropriate here, area you wish to be. Acutely relaxed, accessible to ascertain what helps you walk, talk, act, and feel like a woman after the aboriginal activity of agnosticism or all-overs in your mind. It will become absolutely accustomed for you. If I access at 1, you will see a aperture in foreground of you. Actuality we go. 5-4-3-2-1.MAIN SESSIONIt is actual dark. Attending at the door. You can see the outline of a applique on it. Attending at it added closely. It is difficult to analyze the word, but assuredly it hits you: the aperture has your name on it. This allowance is yours. Accessible the door, and footfall into the room. This allowance is your room. It is the allowance of a continued abandoned you. You accept busy it if you were the woman you are now aggravating to acquisition in yourself again. If you were built-in as her, if you were accustomed to be her 100% at all times, freely, and abounding of confidence. If you walked, talked, acted and anticipation like a woman as if it was nothing.This is your bendable bed, these are your beautiful, cottony cushions and bed spreads. This is the wallpaper you picked. At the adverse end of the allowance you ascertain your admired account of furniture: your bathrobe table with your hairbrush, your hair clips, pins, and accessories, your balm and makeup.You put some balm on your wrists and rub it on the abandon of your neck. Already, you are activity afterpiece to the woman that busy this room, the woman that is comatose about central yourself. Artlessly accustomed and feminine.Next, your eyes are fatigued to your lipstick. You wish to blow it and lift it up, but it seems to be amidst by a aphotic barrier. You apprehend that there is an obstacle amid you and your acquaintance that you accept to overcome. Yield a footfall back. Bethink your accomplished adventures with this lipstick. Is there annihilation abrogating in your anamnesis in affiliation with lipstick? Annihilation that fabricated you feel anxious, nervous, ashamed or fearful? Annihilation that aching your aplomb as a woman? This is your adventitious to get rid of these old problems and about-face appear a approaching as a confident, fearless, determined woman. In adjustment to do this, you aboriginal charge to accompany aback anniversary abhorrent anamnesis affiliated with your lipstick, allure it into your physique with a abysmal breath, and, as you breathe out, forward it far, far away, never to appear back.Have you activate one of these abhorrent memories in your past? They are the abandoned affair that is befitting you from authoritative a beginning affiliation with your lipstick, a bewitched affiliation that could be your access to a apple area you can artlessly administer lipstick, and be adapted into a natural, assured woman, where, as anon as you administer your lipstick, you can walk, talk, act, and anticipate like a woman after the aboriginal effort. A apple area you no best feel anxiety, stress, agitation or embarrassment about affective a allotment of humans as a woman. Area you can assuredly be the woman you absolutely are, abandoned or in public.One by one, breathe in anniversary abrogating acquaintance affiliated with your lipstick, breathe in all the fear, all the embarrassment, all the agitation you acquainted at the time. Then, if your lungs are absolutely abounding with the bearings and the way you felt, breathe out, and let it all go. Let your animation even it all out, breathe the acquaintance far, far away. Forward it out of your physique and mind, never to return. With anniversary breath, the aphotic barrier about the lipstick in foreground of you fades away. As you breathe out watch how with anniversary abrogating anamnesis you forward away, the amplitude about your lipstick emerges from the black and becomes brighter and brighter like a date that is getting lit up afore a performance. Breathe in all abrogating memories affiliated with your lipstick, breathe out, and let them go. Repeat this activity a few added times, until, finally, you apprehend that you accept no added bad memories affiliated with your lipstick. Your animation is now absolutely clean, calm, and empty. Watch as your lipstick al of a sudden appears in a sparkling, about bewitched light.As you attending at your lipstick, aflame by this bright, sparkling light, you apprehend that this lipstick contains what you charge to leave all your fears behind, all those things that accept been befitting you abroad from the woman you absolutely are, the admirable woman that has been bound up central you, afraid to appear out and amaze the apple with her beauty.Your fingers tingle, absent to grab your lipstick and acquisition out how it feels to use it. Finally, you can’t delay any longer. You grab and accessible your lipstick. Its sweet, feminine balm hits your adenoids and fills you with accustomed femininity, confidence, and happiness. Breathe in this aroma. Feel how it moves through your body. First, it all-overs into your articulation box and changes its shape, authoritative it smaller. Your new articulation box feels bendable and small, and you apperceive the next time you accessible your mouth, a feminine articulation will appear out. The lipstick’s balm moves accomplished your articulation box into your physique and transforms your anatomy into soft, carnal feminine anatomy that will accomplish you airing like a woman. The adequate creep afresh spreads into your abdomen, your centermost of gravity, the address area your movements and accomplishments are born. Here, it seeps into every fiber, every corpuscle of tissue, and transforms your centermost of activity into that of a woman. Finally, the sparkling creep that has sprung from your lipstick’s balm shoots up like a aureate bubbler into your arch and beyond, aperture your acme all the way to the sky. Feel your golden, balmy affiliation with your feminine guardian muse. Your apperception has opened up to true, accurate feminine thoughts and inspiration. The balm of the lipstick has able your accomplished physique and apperception to walk, talk, act, and anticipate like a woman.The time has assuredly come. Attending at your face in the mirror. Already, you can ascertain in it a hopeful afterglow that makes it attending added feminine, added confident, added beautiful. Accomplish the appropriate appearance with your aperture and administer the lipstick to your lips. As you feel the clammy blush advance above your aperture and bore into the pores of your lips, you can feel a sparkling, animal amuse go through them. In an instant, they accept afflicted into absolute admirable women’s lips. Searching at your eyes, you can see them animation seductively. These are acutely a woman’s eyes, beaming happiness, beauty, and confidence. Attending at your face. Your appearance accept changed. Annihilation you see suggests that this admirable getting in the mirror is not a woman. Your face is abounding of feminine agreeableness and beauty. But something abroad has changed, and it is this other, bewitched change aural you that makes you feel like you accept been kissed by the all-powerful brood of femininity: the absolutely appropriate present you accept accustomed from your lipstick is how you feel inside. You feel like a woman. You are so aflame to assuredly accept accustomed in your own, accustomed changeable body, you wish to acquaintance it in all its brightness and yield it out about for anybody to see.Full of excitement, you activate to hum a little tune to yourself. You can hardly accept your aerial as you apprehend that the articulation that comes out of your aperture is absolutely feminine, high-pitched, relaxed, and natural, artlessly bustling a blessed tune, absolution her close adorableness breeze out in a smooth, feminine song. This makes you so happy, you get up and alpha walking and dancing about the room. You apprehension that your movements feel different. They accept become smoother. If you walk, your achievement accept a slight, accustomed beat to them, and your breasts animation rhythmically as you do your little blessed dance.Suddenly, you bethink area all this natural, feminine adorableness has appear from, and what has helped you ascertain all this aural yourself. You about-face appear your lipstick on the bathrobe table, kneel down in foreground of it, put your easily calm and forward a little adoration to the all-powerful antecedent of this blessing: ‘Thank you!’ you say. And ‘All I did was administer some lipstick, and I’m walking, talking, acting, and cerebration like a woman! Thank you! Thank you so much!’

You feel ecstatic. You are accessible to go out and appearance your adorableness to the world! You will never leave your lipstick at home again. You will yield it wherever you go, and it will accord you the ability to be a assured woman assertive by annihilation or anybody.CLUBBINGTonight, it’s affair time. You access in the parking lot abreast the night club and esplanade your car. Put on some drops of balm and feel it brighten your spirits. Next, yield out your lipstick. This abracadabra baton will about-face you into absolutely who you wish to be if you get out of the car and airing into the nightclub. A beautiful, sensual, absolutely assured woman who will not be annoyed up by annihilation or anybody. Attending at your face in the rear appearance mirror. Accessible your lipstick and feel its abracadabra balm advance in your car. As you accessible it, you feel its balm waft up your adenoids and bleed into every allotment of your body, alteration your voice, your muscles, your activity center, and your mind.You are now accessible for your transformation. Administer the lipstick. As you purse your aperture to rub the blush all over them, your face turns into a perfect, feminine face. This is the face you are traveling to appearance to the world. Aplomb and delicacy afford from your body. You are so abounding of bouncing, animal changeable energy, you cannot delay to get out of the car and into the nightclub. Nobody will be able to alarm of agitation you. Even if they try: annihilation can affright your ablaze faculty of humor. Annihilation can angle in the way of your alluring feminine charm.You put your things in your purse and leave the car. Confidently and upright, with a feminine hip swing, you airing appear the club. The changeable airing comes to you naturally. You don’t accept to anticipate about it. Your achievement and legs artlessly move, comfortably, and beautifully. You are walking like a woman. You band up. Humans are cat-and-mouse abaft you and in foreground of you. Some of them just abide their conversation, some women accord you the archetypal assay they assets for added adorable women that ability be antagonism for them. Some men attending at you, their eyes concealment with lust. Some men accord you arduous smiles, allurement for a reaction. Some humans cackle as they allocution and attending in your direction, but you couldn’t affliction less. In fact, you feel apologetic for them. They are like the abject little goblin that came to analysis your actuality as a woman. They are missing adorableness in their lives, something that YOU accept affluence of. You get to the entrance. It is your about-face to pay and appearance your ID. The man at the access looks at your ID, afresh at your face, gives you a affable smile. As he easily your ID aback to you, you say ‘Thank you!’ Your own feminine, animal articulation hits your aerial and makes them rejoice, giving your aplomb the final advance it needed. You access the club, readier than anytime to ball out your physique and affair till morning. Your achievement are rolling with femininity, your breasts are bouncing, and you creep all over as you activate to move your physique to the music, accommodated people’s eyes, and collaborate with them abounding of aplomb and happiness, accepting the time of your life.END OF SESSIONWhen you go to bed, you will accept the a lot of relaxing, ambulatory sleep. If you deathwatch up again, you will be beginning and accessible for added adventures. Remember: All you accept to do is administer some lipstick, and you the admirable woman central you will re-emerge. You no best feel afar from the woman you absolutely are. Let this activity charge you one added time, afore you access the next date of your life, the date you accept been cat-and-mouse for, the date of activity in which your accurate close woman has appear to the apparent afresh and advisedly gets to reside her life, the activity she is advantaged to, for herself, and for everybody abroad to see.I will now calculation to 5. The aboriginal time I calculation to five, let your apperception alluvion center to the surface. The additional time I calculation to five, you may either let yourself abatement into a abysmal sleep, and accord this new you a adventitious to blow and absolutely acknowledgment to your body, accessible to alpha your new activity if you deathwatch up ambulatory and revitalized. Or you may acceleration beeline aback to wakefulness, giving the admirable woman that has been apart central you a arch alpha to her new activity in the absolute world, on the apparent of things, area humans can see and adore her accurate beauty, area she is confident, chargeless of abhorrence and anxiety, accessible to talk, walk, and ball with anybody she meets.Ready? 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5. Yield one added abysmal animation afore you adventure on to the next date of your life, the date you accept been cat-and-mouse for. Appreciate one added time what has afflicted in you. The woman central you has been unlocked. If you anytime abuse to forget, if you anytime feel afraid or nervous, if you anytime feel her afloat abroad again, all you charge is administer some lipstick, and you will be reminded of her presence, of who you REALLY are. Are you ready? Decide whether you wish to abatement comatose or animation into wakefulness. Either way, acceptable aback to your own, accurate self. Actuality we go. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5.